For those gentleman who enjoy gift giving.

Gifts are never expected. Nonetheless, I truly appreciate someone going the extra mile to make a memorable impression! Thank you for putting a smile on my face! Wishtender

I add my favorite items to my online wishlists which you find below. Surprise me! Luxylist sends the gift straight to my door from you or hand it to me in person. I can’t wait to see what you pick out for me. Also take a look at my wishlist + favorites.

If you like to surprise me with a virtual giftcard you can find all my favorites in the icon list below. Click the desired icon and you will be automatically sent to the gift card section.

Click please here if you would like to adopt a bill / other gift ideas that I love price list

Other gift ideas that I love

The Ultimate Gift / Wish
Invest in my future : property
Gym Membership
Sponsor a year of my gym membership: 1000CHF or sponsor personal training
Travel / Spa Vouchers
Mandarin Oriental - Four Seasons
Property Rent
2000 CHF per month
Business Investment
Invest in my new business idea
Exclusive Arrangement
Starting at 20,000 monthly
Photoshoot - Exclusive Content
I am a creative person and always up to create new content: 3000CHF
Special Date
July - my beautiful Birthday month
Monthly Treatments
Manicures - Pedicures - Facials - Beauty Treatments - Massages - Spa - Gym Clothes - Mobile Phone
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